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As a boutique urban winery, Pittsburgh Winery sources its wine grapes from some of the very best vineyards in California and Chile. Our premium fruit along with our thoughtful, low-intervention methods of winemaking -- including the use of the finest French Oak barrels to gently age the wines -- brings forth the fullest expression, complexity and nuance these wines have to offer. The vintners at Pittsburgh Winery have had the good fortune of learning from some of the best winemakers in California, resulting in the production of hand crafted fine wines that are anything but ordinary.


The guys at the Original Pittsburgh Winery pride themselves on being the OG local boys with the knowledge obtained by the best winemakers in California. All born and raised in Pittsburgh, they wanted to share their skills with the city they love; but more importantly, they wanted to provide the pleasure of being swept up in the present moment through the harmonious, sensual communion of wine and song.

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