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A collection of California wines that could be delivered to you through our wine club.


Whether it’s for yourself or the perfect gift for another, the Original Pittsburgh Winery wine club is not only a ticket to the finest handcrafted wines produced in the city we know and love, but also, and more importantly, a connection to the roots of our community. If you know us, we’ve never been about pretentious tastings, fancy labels, or gimmicks — we’re all about good wine, good music, and good people. That is why we created the wine club: to not only share our dedication, artistry, and sheer love for our craft, but to also build a family of people who are just as passionate about wine, music, and community as we are.

Alongside your biannual hand-picked selections, you'll get a wide range of other perks including discounts on all retail bottles, free tastings, access to member-only events, weekly discounts on Cellar performances, preferred rental rates, and maybe even some chances to get your hands dirty during harvest season. As you move up from Roadie to Fan to Rockstar, you'll not only receive more wine, but also more discounts, events, and exclusive opportunities. Cheers and welcome to the family.

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