* Admission into the winery on show nights will not be until 8:00 PM. Doors will be closed from 7:00 PM until 8:00 PM for the bands to do sound checks.  Shows start at 9:00 PM Unless otherwise noted.

July 8  Iceland's ARSTIDIR with Anatomy of Frank and Guy Russo  BUY TICKETS   WATCH VIDEOS
July 9 - Christian Lopez Band with As Ladders and Hanna Jenkins- BUY TICKETS
July 10 - Songwriters in the Cellar - Brooke Annibale 
hosts Casey Hanner of Donora, Judith Avers of the Early Mays, and Mark Ramsey of Cold Weather BUY TICKETS
July 13 - The Family Crest with The Lonely Wild - BUY TICKETS 
July 17 - Paul Luc Full Band with Brittany Kennall and Jordan DuPaul BUY TICKETS 
July 21 -Great Caesar with Caleb Pogyar and the Talkers 
July 22 Ian Mellencamp with Two Tall Twins and Rosu Lup 
July 23 -Brownie Mary Record Listening Party and PerformanceBUY TICKETS
July 25 - Paul Pfau with Connor Pledger from NBC's "The Voice"
July 29 - Motherfolk and Joshua Powell - BUY TICKETS
July 31 - Chelsey Nicole & the Northside Vamps with Mikey DeLuca BUY TICKETS
August 1 - Music Night on Jupiter (MNOJ) presents 
The Crane Wives with Brandon Wallace Muske BUY TICKETS
August 6 - Adeline Hotel - EP Release with Molly Alphabet and Emily Rodgers BUY TICKETS
August 7 - Songwriters in the Cellar Hosted by Kyle Lawson with Amanda Noah, Anthony Adkins and Kayla Schureman BUY TICKETS
August 8 -Good Brother Earl - BUY TICKETS
August 10 - Coyote Talk and Joshua Powell 7 PM BUY TICKETS
August 11 - Great Peacock BUY TICKETS 7 pm show
August 12 - Naughty Professor "Frenchmen on Penn" 8 pm showBUY TICKETS
August 13 -Adron/The Sun Flights/Morgan Erina BUY TICKETS
August 14 - Meeting of Important People with Balloon Ride Fantasy - BUY TICKETS
August 15 - Music for MS Festival - Hartwood Acres with Humming House, The Black Lillies, The Mulligan Brothers, Tiger maple String band and Maddie Arnold. BUY TICKETS
August 21 The Ray Lanich Band with special guest BUY TICKETS
August 22 -Spice and the Po Boys - BUY TICKETS
August 23 - Jacob Augustine with Anthony Jardine - 7 pm 
August 28 - Kinetic with Jeanette Berry and the Soul Nerds and Shad Ali BUY TICKETS
August 29 - Grape Stomp! - California Wine Grape Harvest Party! - BUY TICKETS
September 2 Luke Wade w/ Special Guest Mia Z BUY TICKETS
September 3 - Sean Thomas Gerard - BUY TICKETS
September 4 - Joy Ike with Avi Diamond BUY TICKETS
September 5 - Sweden's Sofia Talvik and The DuPont Brothers BUY TICKETS    WATCH VIDEO
September 12 - Chris Trapper BUY TICKETS