We will not be hosting any live music events for the months of January and February while we make improvements, but will resume programming just as soon as possible, so please stay tuned!

January 27 Kevin Garrett     SOLD OUT!
January 29 Angela Perley and the Howling Moons   SOLD OUT!
January 30 10 String Symphony    SOLD OUT!
February 6 "Songwriters in the Cellar" Max Somerville hosts Bill Eberle, Justin Endler and Donald Ducote   SOLD OUT!
February 8 Grant Lee Phillips and Steve Poltz   TICKETS
February 12 iCandy Pittsburgh presents iCUPID:  a romantic evening with Rachel  B. SOLD OUT!
February 13 Brooke Annibale and Donora  SOLD OUT!
February 14 Wine Festival at Rivers Casino 
11:00 AM -4:30 PM    TICKETS
February 14 ANTI-VALENTINES DAY BASH with the 
Juan Vasquez Band and more! 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM    SOLD OUT!
February 19 Boulevard of the Allies with White Light Spectrum   TICKETS
February 20 Miss Freddye's Blues Band   TICKETS
February 23 Heather Maloney / Morgan Erina 
February 24 Laney Jones and the Spirit with Kelly McCaffertyTICKETS
February 25 The Doers and Dreamers Tour 
Megan Slankard, Alex Wong and Korby Lenker     TICKETS
February 26  The Six SOLD OUT!
February 27  Jimbo and the Soupbones with Trio +  Anqwenique Wingfield SOLD OUT!
February 28 Alba Flamenca   SOLD OUT!
March 3 High and Mighty Brass Band   VIDEO     TICKETS
March 4 Miller and the Other Sinners and The Terrance Vaughn Band   SOLD OUT!
March 5 Nathan Zoob EP Release  SOLD OUT!
March 6 Some Kind of Animal  SOLD OUT!
March 11 Doctor Millar / Keenan O'Meara / Ben ShannonTICKETS
March 12 Chris Trapper with Amy Fairchild    TICKETS
March 13 - Enter the Haggis  TICKETS
March 18 Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers and Hey Monea VIDEO     TICKETS
March 19 Wine Festival David L Lawrence Convention Center
March 19  Jaywalker  TICKETS
March 24 The Crane Wives  TICKETS 
March 25 Son Little  SOLD OUT!
March 26  Ron Holloway Band with Byron Nash SOLD OUT!
March 30  Mulligan Brothers  SOLD OUT!
March 31 MUM's Comedy Show! Featuring Sean Collier, Tim Ross and Molly Sharrow BUY TICKETS
* Medical Use Marijuana Legalization Fundraiser
April 1 Memphis Hill with Wolves in Sheep's Clothing TICKETS
April 2 Joy Ike with Summit Station SOLD OUT!
April 7 Amy Vachel (The Voice) with Kelly McCafferty VIDEO  SOLD OUT!
April 8 Meeting of Important People and Brooke Annibale SOLD OUT!
April 9 Good Brother Earl TICKETS
April 10 Alba Flamenca SOLD OUT!
April 13  Kris Allen with Sean McConnell TICKETS
April 14 Kinetic + Troy Roberts and Alex Norris   TICKETS
April 15 Lyndsey Smith and the Soul Distribution with LUX BUY TICKETS 
April 16 the SHIFT   TICKETS
April 18 KAWEHI with Two Tall Twins  VIDEO   TICKETS
April 22 Melinda Colaizzi    SOLD OUT!
April 23 Billy Price Band SOLD OUT!
April 26  Kim Richey with Jessy Tomsko BUY TICKETS
April 28  Sierra Hull BUY TICKETS
April 29 Cool Like Dat presented by Trio + Boom ConceptsTICKETS
April 30 Joe Grushecky BUY TICKETS
May 3 Play N'at Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra BUY TICKETS
May 4 Holly Bowling TICKETS
May 5 Pittsburgh Wine Festival - Heinz Field 
May 6 The End of America / Ghost of Paul Revere / The Speedbumps TICKETS
May 7 Songwriters in the Cellar featuring Maddie Georgi, Mike Cali, Danielle Miragila and Julia Devine SOLD OUT!
May 8 Jeremiah Daly / Jack Lucy TICKETS
May 10 The Verve Pipe TICKETS
May 11 Horse Feathers with The Sweeplings TICKETS
May 13 Morgan Erina CD Release with Brooke Annibale Nathan Zoob and Mark Dignam SOLD OUT!
May 14 Those Sensible Shoes with Mark Dignam and Nathan ZoobTICKETS
May 15 Magee Women's Research Benefit Showcase TICKETS
May 16 BEARD with Lone Wolf Club & Jeremy Colbert TICKETS VIDEO
May 17  JOSEPH  with Liza Anne   VIDEO   TICKETS
May 18 The Still Tide with Cali TICKETS  VIDEO
May 20 The Commonheart with Billy Price SOLD OUT!
May 21 Gizel Xanath with Castro Crewe TICKETS
May 25 Steve Poltz TICKETS
May 25 Al Fresco Priory Wine Party at the Priory with Tim Gaber and Clinton Clegg 6:30-8:30 PM
May 26 The Tillers TICKETS
May 27 Jude Benedict and the Last Drop EP Release
with The Vindys SOLD OUT!
with Juan Vasquez Band and food by Matteos  VIDEO   TICKETS
May 28 The Chop Shop TICKETS
May 29 2nd GRAPE STOMP! Noon - 3 PM SOLD OUT!
with Juan Vasquez Band and food by Matteos  VIDEO  TICKETS
May 29 Alba Flamenca SOLD OUT!
May 31 Whiskey Shivers TICKETS
June 1 Nick DeCesare: Openings Solo Piano Release TICKETS
June 2 Redhead Express TICKETS
June 3 Paul Luc and Jordan DePaul TICKETS
June 4 Songwriters in the Cellar SOLD OUT!
June 7 Supertramp's Carl Verheyen Band TICKETS
June 8 Daniel Champagne TICKETS 
June 9 Al Scorch TICKETS
June 10 Jimbo and the Soupbones with 
Byron Nash and Plan B SOLD OUT!
June 15 Monaco & Alameda with Nameless in August TICKETS
June 16 Jeffery Austin TICKETS
June 17 Stu Hamm (Solo) TICKETS
June 18 "Who's Your Daddy?" Benefit with Mark Dignam, Mark Hohman, Ben Valasek and Luke Gallagher plus Sugar Daddy and the Big Boned Girls
June 19 The Midnight Horns TICKETS
June 26 Pittsburgh Winery Presents 
Penn Avenue Picnic and all day Music Festival featuring Buzz Poets (reunion with Tripper and Ronnie) The Commonheart, PUSH, Wreck Loose, Dharma Sons, Jimbo and the Soupbones, Paul Luc, Joy Ike, The Black Six, Morgan Erina, Hawkeyes, Nevada Color, Some Kind Of Animal, Mark Dignam, Guy Russo, Kyle Lawson, Casey Hanner.
Local Libations / Food Trucks / Live Artists
Free and all ages 10 AM - 9 PM 
2800 Block of Penn will be closed all day
June 28 Sam Lewis TICKETS
June 29 Andrew Leahey and the Homestead with The Wooley Coats TICKETS
July 9 Liz Longley with Robbie Hecht TICKETS
July 15 MNOJ presents "Frenchmen on Penn" T'MondeTICKETS  VIDEO
July 21 Paul Sanchez "Frenchmen on Penn" TICKETS   VIDEO
July 22 JDA and KOA SOLD OUT!
July 23 Reggie Watkins CD Release TICKETS
July 26 Mike Dillon plays Elliot Smith, Neil Young & more TICKETS
July 29 Billy Price Band TICKETS
July 30 Christopher the Conquered with Brad Byrd TICKETS
July 31 Planes on Paper with Whitney Ann Jenkins TICKETS
Aug 5 Jasmine Tate with Jimbo Jackson TICKETS 
Aug 6 Songwriters in the Cellar with Mike Cali, Byron Nash, Chris Zurich and Julia Devine TICKETS
Aug 10 Kandace Springs with Funkle Aaron Project TICKETS
Aug 11 Miles Nielson and the Rusted Hearts with the Dan Bubien Band TICKETS
Aug 12 Some Kind of Animal and The DuPont Brothers TICKETS 
Aug 13 Music for MS Festival 3 PM - 9 PM Hartwood Acres TICKETS
Aug 13 Angela Perley and the Howlin' Moons w Erica Blinn and Nik Westman TICKETS
Aug 14 Alba Flamenca  SOLD OUT!
Aug 16 Brian Newman TICKETS
Aug 18 Songwriter Rounds with Brooke Annibale, Jesse Terry and Abbie Gardner of Red Molly TICKETS
Aug 19 - 21 Little Italy Days Noon-9 PM Mathilda & Liberty Ave.
Aug 19 The Boogie Hustlers with Angela Mignanelli TICKETS
Aug 20 Madeline Rae CD Release Party with Ferdinand the Bull SOLD OUT!
Aug 21 Eva Eris EP Release TICKETS
Aug 26 WeGoGone with Good Old Ernie 
Aug 27 Grape Stomp Noon-3 PM SOLD OUT!
Aug 31 Humming House 2nd show added! SOLD OUT!
Sept 1 Humming House SOLD OUT!
Sept 2 Organ-I-Zation ft Glenn Strother, Julz Powell and Cliff Barnes TICKETS
Sept 3 Jimbo and the Soupbones SOLD OUT!
Sept 8 An Evening with Shane Alexander TICKETS
Sept 9 Kelsey Friday Band SOLD OUT!
Sept 10 Miller and the Other Sinners w/ Mama Magnolia TICKETS
Sept 11 Paper Bird w/ Millgroves Crossing and Video TICKETS
Sept 13 Alex Skolnick Trio TICKETS
Sept 16 Dan Bubien CD Release w/ Clinton Clegg of The Commonheart SOLD OUT!
Sept 17 Chris Trapper with Bea TICKETS
Sept 18 Jon McLaughlin w/ Marc Scibilia and Brad Ray TICKETS
Sept 23 Diego with The Telephone Line TICKETS
Sept 21 Anne Rose w/Morgan Erina and Andre Costello and the Cool Minors TICKETS
Sept 24 Songwriters in the Cellar with Clinton Clegg, Morgan Erina, and Max Somerville backed by Jason Rafalak and Ryan Socrates of Trio Plus! SOLD OUT!
Sept 25 Alba Flamenca SOLD OUT!
Sept 28 The Ballroom Thieves TICKETS
Sept 30 WYEP presents Arc Iris TICKETS
Oct 1 Mutlu with Kuf Knotz TICKETS
Oct 6 Michael McDermott and Matthew Ryan TICKETS
Oct 8 Ari Hest and The End Of America SOLD OUT!
Oct 14 Tattletale Saints with Guy Russo and Zoob TICKETS
Oct 15 Joe Marcinek Band with Marty Sammon of Buddy Guy's Band TICKETSOct 21 Jesse Denaro and Sofia Talvik SOLD OUT!
Oct 22 The Gathering Field SOLD OUT!
Oct 27 Walter Salas-Humara (of the Silos) and Bill DeasyTICKETS
Oct 29 Sean McConnell with Derik Hultquist TICKETS
Oct 30 Gerry O'Beirne with Mark Dignam TICKETS
Oct 31 Ruby Rose Fox with Morgan Erina TICKETS  VIDEO
Nov 4 Jimbo and the Soupbones SOLD OUT!
Nov 5 Good Brother Earl SOLD OUT!
Nov 8 Benjamin Francis Leftwich SOLD OUT!
Nov 10 Divinity Roxx with Trio + TICKETS
Nov 11 Boogie Hustlers SOLD OUT!
Nov 12 Beauty Slap TICKETS    SOLD OUT!  
Nov 13 Alba Flamenca SOLD OUT!
Nov 17 Seth Walker "Frenchmen on Penn" with 
Dan Bubien TICKETS
Nov 18 Brooke Annibale TICKETS
Nov 19 Grape Stomp! Noon-3 PM Music by the Juan Vasquez Band, Food by Matteos TICKETS  VIDEO SOLD OUT!
Nov 19 Wolves in Sheep's Clothing CD Release and The Speedbumps with Jeremy Colbert and Heather Styka TICKETS
Nov 22 Chamber Music PGH presents Kassia Ensemble TICKETS
Nov 23 Darling Nikki - A Prince Tribute! 
Featuring Jason Walker and The Vibro Kings TICKETS
Nov 26 Omniverse w Spencer Allen Patrick and 
Cody Nicholas TICKETS
Dec 9 Joy Ike and JD Eicher TICKETS
Dec 18 MNOJ presents The Black Lillies TICKETS   SOLD OUT!