* Admission into the winery on show nights will not be until 8:00 PM. Doors will be closed from 7:00 PM until 8:00 PM for the bands to do sound checks.  Shows start at 9:00 PM Unless otherwise noted.

July 8  Iceland's ARSTIDIR with Anatomy of Frank and Guy Russo  BUY TICKETS   WATCH VIDEOS
July 9 - Christian Lopez Band with As Ladders and Hanna Jenkins- BUY TICKETS
July 10 - Songwriters in the Cellar - Brooke Annibale 
hosts Casey Hanner of Donora, Judith Avers of the Early Mays, and Mark Ramsey of Cold Weather BUY TICKETS
July 13 - The Family Crest with The Lonely Wild - BUY TICKETS 
July 17 - Paul Luc Full Band with Brittany Kennall and Jordan DuPaul BUY TICKETS 
July 21 - Great Caesar with Caleb Pogyar and the Talkers 
BUY TICKETS Doors open at 6 pm show starts at 7 pm
July 22 Ian Mellencamp with Two Tall Twins BUY TICKETS 
July 23 -Brownie Mary Record Listening Party and Performance BUY TICKETS
July 25 - Paul Pfau with Connor Pledger from NBC's "The Voice"
July 29 - Motherfolk and Joshua Powell - BUY TICKETS
July 31 - Chelsey Nicole & the Northside Vamps with Mikey DeLuca BUY TICKETS
August 1 - Music Night on Jupiter (MNOJ) presents 
The Crane Wives with Brandon Wallace Muske BUY TICKETS
August 6 - Adeline Hotel - EP Release with Molly Alphabet and Emily Rodgers BUY TICKETS
August 7 - Songwriters in the Cellar Hosted by Kyle Lawson with Amanda Noah, Amy Mmhmm, Anthony Adkins and Kayla Schureman BUY TICKETS
August 8 -Good Brother Earl with special guests Planes on Paper
August 10 - Coyote Talk and Joshua Powell 7 pm BUY TICKETS
August 11 - Great Peacock BUY TICKETS 7 pm show
August 12 - Naughty Professor "Frenchmen on Penn" From New Orleans to Pittsburgh! 8 pm BUY TICKETS
August 13 -Adron/The Sun Flights/Morgan Erina BUY TICKETS
August 14 - Meeting of Important People with Balloon Ride Fantasy - BUY TICKETS
August 15 - Music for MS Festival - Hartwood Acres with Humming House, The Black Lillies, The Mulligan Brothers, Tiger maple String band and Maddie Arnold. BUY TICKETS
August 21 - The Ray Lanich Band / Megan Davies / Seth Abram / Luke Preston BUY TICKETS
August 22 - Spice and the Po Boys - BUY TICKETS
August 23 - Jacob Augustine with Anthony Jardine and Alexandra Hanna - 7 pm BUY TICKETS
August 27 - Honey Island Swamp Band - "Frenchmen on Penn" From New Orleans to Pittsburgh! BUY TICKETS
August 28 - Kinetic with Jeanette Berry and the Soul Nerds and Shad Ali BUY TICKETS
August 29 - Grape Stomp! - California Wine Grape Harvest Party!
Noon - 3 pm Music by Juan Vasquez and Friends BUY TICKETS
August 29 - The ChopShop 9PM show BUY TICKETS
August 30 Alba Flamenca - BUY TICKETS
September 2 Luke Wade w/ Special Guest Mia Z BUY TICKETS
September 3 - Sean Thomas Gerard - BUY TICKETS
September 4 - Joy Ike with Avi Diamond BUY TICKETS
September 5 - Sweden's Sofia Talvik and The DuPont Brothers BUY TICKETS    WATCH VIDEO
September 9 - Jim Avett 8 pm show  BUY TICKETS
September 10 -Byron Nash and Plan B with guest BUY TICKETS
September 11 -The T Sisters and The Blind Spots BUY TICKETS
September 12 - Chris Trapper BUY TICKETS 
September 18 -"Songwriters in the Cellar" with host Mike Cali and guests Clinton Clegg, Jimbo Jackson, and Mark Dignam 
September 19 -Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes "Frenchmen on Penn" From New Orleans to Pittsburgh! BUY TICKETS
September 24 -Howard and Some Kind of Animal - BUY TICKETS
September 25 -The Early Mays / Arlo Aldo / Molly Alphabet
September 26 -Jon Bindley Hardware Company Release Party with guests The Brothers Jenkins BUY TICKETS
October 3 -Brooke Annibale CD Release Party
October 16 -"Songwriters in the Cellar" with Hannah Aldridge hosting David Mayfield and Levi Lowrey. BUY TICKETS
October 23 -The Falconers and The Lone Wolf Club BUY TICKETS